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Monetize your baggage allowance while flying. Sell your luggage space to SAME FLIGHT passengers via AirDeal App.

Don't you want to pay excess baggage fee while flying? Ask for baggage space via Airdeal App and we will match you with SAME FLIGHT passengers.

Life is Sharing

AirDeaL brings same flight passengers together that has excess baggage and baggage allowance. It is easy than ever before to Make and Save Money while traveling.

  • List baggage allowance or excess baggage with desired rate per kg/lbs.
  • Increase your chance to find a carrier by uploading baggage photos.
  • Notifications will let you know when you get an offer for your listing.
  • Mobile Number and Facebook verifications make deals trustworthy.


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AirDeaL App is designed for travelers, it takes only few minutes to list and make a deal at airports